Analog Handmade Pedals

Reviews / Awards

Ripply Fall review by Premier Guitar (PG AWARD)
August 2018
LucyDreamer Supreme review by Vintage Guitar
July 2018
Delay Llama+ review by Distortion LTD
March 2018
Delay Llama & Wahcko+ review by Vintage Guitar Magazine (VG AWARD)
February 2018
RetroVibe review by Vintage Guitar magazine
January 2017
From the builder's mind by ToneReport
July 2017
Delay Llama review by Effectsbay
May 2017
Delay Llama Supreme review by Premier Guitar (PG AWARD)
December 2016
JAM pedals article by TrueFire
November 2015
Big Chill & Red Muck review by Guitar Player (GP AWARD)
June 2015
JAM pedals review by Guitarist (GUITARIST AWARD)
March 2015
JAM pedals review by
December 2014
Rattler review by ToneReport
October 2014
Delay Llama+ Review by
December 2013
Big Chill review by Delicious Audio (USA)
August 2013
JAM pedals presentation by Effector book (Japan)
July 2013
Dyna-ssoR review by Delicious Audio (USA)
June 2013
JAM pedals review by FUZZ (Sweden)
April 2013
Big Chill review by Guitar Moderne (USA)
March 2013
Chill & WaterFall review by IGuitar magazine
February 2013
Fuzz Phrase review by
January 2013
Wahcko+ in "6 of the best wah pedals" by MusicRadar
October 2012
JAM pedals review by Guitarist (GUITARIST AWARD)
July 2012
TubeDreamer72 review by Gitarist (Netherlands)
June 2012
JAM pedals review by MP magazine (Norway)
RetroVibe review by MP magazine (Norway)
Wahcko+ review by
October 2011
JAM pedals review by
September 2011
Chill review on ToneQuest, by Adrian Legg
February 2011
Red Muck review by
January 2011
TubeDreamer72 by Analog War Cry (USA)
Multi-pedal review by "Premier Guitar" (USA)
November 2010 (online issue)
Rattler+ review by "Premier Guitar" (USA)
November 2010 (online issue)
WaterFall review by "Premier Guitar" (USA)
November 2010
Grand Guitars (Germany)
November 2010
Guitare Xtreme (France)
September 2010
Chittarre (Italy)
September 2010
Delay Llama by Levi Clay (UK)
September 2010
Dyna-ssoR by Analog War Cry (USA)
September 2010
Fuzz Phrase by Julien Kasper in "Guitar Player"
September 2010
Dyna-ssoR (bass) by ElevenEleven (Ireland)
March 2010
Fuzz Phrase by Analog War Cry (USA)
February 2010
TubeDreamer88 by ElevenEleven (Ireland)
February 2010
WaterFall by ElevenEleven (Ireland)
January 2010
Gitarre & Bass (Germany)
November 2009
Gitarre & Bass (Germany)
October 2009
FUZZ (Sweden)
June 2009
Guitar Club (Italy)
April 2009
The Effector (Japan)
December 2008
Chittarre (Italy)
May 2008
Grand Guitars (Germany)
April 2008
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