– 30-day money-back guarantee!

*Only applies to www.jampedals.com online store purchases and excludes custom orders like multi-pedals and custom artwork.

If within 30 days of receiving your product(s) for some reason you are not satisfied and wish to return the product(s) back to us, please e-mail us at support@jampedals.com; we will issue you a refund no questions asked!

Custom multi-pedal deposits are non-refundable.

Custom artwork cancellation will carry a cancellation fee if the pedal is already in progress.

– Wahcko Seagull Effect:

Please follow these steps to make sure you are properly trying to engage the “Seagull Effect”:

  • Make sure your guitar has passive pickups
  • Engage the effect with the optional toggle switch. When you do :
    •  You have to be VERY careful with your overall volume as the effect increases it dramatically ! (tip: if you don’t want to have to turn your amp’s volume down, you can use any other pedal with a level control after the Wahcko+, and regulate the volume of the effect by turning the pedal on along with the seagull effect)
    • Bring the pedal all the way back towards your heel.
    • Turn your guitar’s volume knob all the way up.
    • You change the pitch by manipulating your guitar’s tone pot.
    • Long delay repeats and/or lush reverb are both recommended… 😉

– My pedal isn’t working, what do I do ?

First, check that all your cables work properly (try all cables by connecting your guitar directly to the amp).

Secondly, try the pedal with no other pedals in the chain (guitar – pedal – amp).

Thirdly, please check if your DC adaptor is the correct one. All our pedals work with 9V DC tip-negative adaptor (like a standard BOSS pedal), and all of our pedals (except for the Delay Llama Supreme and multi-pedals) should work with a minimum 100mA DC adaptor. The DL Supreme and most of our multi-pedals need at least 200mA.

If the pedal works with a 9V battery you can test it with a battery too, to check if there is a faulty adaptor problem.

If your pedal still doesn’t work, please send us an e-mail with as much detail of the problem as you can.

– I accidentally connected a wrong adaptor to the pedal (AC adaptor, or higher than 9V) and now my pedal is not working.

You may have fried the protective DC circuit. We suggest you send us the pedal for repair. You will be charged with 15€ / $15 for the repair + shipping costs.

– What kind of 9V DC adaptor do you suggest ?

We do test our pedals with 1spot power supplies to make sure they work perfectly.We highly recommend using a DC brick power supply with isolated DC outputs can yield better results especially when using many pedals some of which might be digital. (Avoid daisy-chaining digital with analog effects)

– I have many JAM pedals, what is the right order to connect them ?

Well, this is always a matter of taste. That said, we connect them in the following order : GUITAR – RetroVibe –  Wahcko – Seagull (standalone) – Rooster ltd – Fuzz Phrase ltd – Dyna-ssoR – LucyDreamer – TubeDreamer – Double Dreamer – Rattler – Rattler ltd – Eureka! – Red Muck – Boomster – WaterFall – Ripple – Ripply Fall – Chill – Harmonious Monk – Delay Llama – Delay Llama XTREME AMP

– What is point-to-point ? Does it sound better than the PCB version ?

Theory says that when you solder all components directly one to another, instead of having your signal run through copper on a PCB board, your signal meets less resistance, remaining purer coming out of the pedal.

The audible difference between PCB and point-to-point is really subjective and up for the user to decide. It is a fact that this is the way a lot of the older/vintage pedals used to be made like, and point-to-point brings us one step closer to “the way it used to be”, something we at JAM pedals hold dear to our hearts ! And it looks great too !

– How do the bass-versions differ from the guitar-versions ?

Our bass-version models are fine-tuned to better modulate, filter, distort and clip lower reciter content!

– How long does it take for my order to ship ?

We do our best to have all of our standard line in stock at all times. We will ship your pedal within 3 working days from receiving your order and it usually takes 1-2 days (expedited) or 3-6 days (FREE shipping) for the package to reach its destination. For pedals with custom-artwork that is not currently available we usually require 4-6 weeks to ship. For a custom-multi-pedal we usually require 2-4 months.

– How do you ship ?

We ship with DHL, TNT, FedEx and UPS depending on your location.

– Do you ship internationally ?

Yes we do, and FREE of charge (unless you opt for expedited shipping)

– How can I contact you ?

Send us your requests/questions using the contact form.

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