Gear Talk - October 7, 2020

What about that bass?

The story behind our bass-dedicated series of pedals:

Not long after JAM pedals came to be in 2007, we introduced our first bass pedal; the Dyna-ssoR bass. At the same time we started receiving the odd request for versions of our pedals that would play well with bass guitars, so we would simply mod the guitar-version PCBs and build those on a request basis.

During the next couple of years, we added the Tubedreamer bass (the predecessor to the current Lucydreamer bass). The requests for more bass-versions of our effects kept coming in at an increasing rate, so much so that  we began to  gradually introduce more bass-dedicated versions of select pedals that were built for this purpose from the ground up. Fast forward to today and a decade later, we are proud to claim we are hand-making and hand-painting the best bass pedals we ever have, as always in-house at our workshop in Athens, Greece.

Over the years we have been fortunate enough to have a number of our bass pedals find their way to the rigs of legendary musicians like: Anthony JacksonJohn Davis (NERVE, Bunker Studios), Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Shahzad Ismaily (Figure 8 recording studios, Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog), Stu Hamm, Jamaaladeen TakumaColin Bass (Camel), Panagiotis Andreou (NOW vs NOW), Christian Galvez.

The bass pedals:

The questions in everyone’s mind:

1. Are the bass versions of their guitar counterparts different and if so, how?

Yes, they are! Their differences go way deeper than the hand-painted layer of black with metal flake strokes; it’s about accommodating lower-register content while retaining your hard-earned tone as well as the integrity of the effect’s identity.

For the Waterfall, Ripple and Ripply Fall, this means a calibration of the modulation’s sweet spot to provide rich wet textures in the down low.

In the case of the Wahcko, Dyna-ssor, Rattler, and Lucydreamer, we re-designed them so more low end passes through, while making sure the sweet spot of their response is accordingly adjusted to address lower registers and lower frequencies.

As many of you might already know, muff-style pedals like our Red Muck are pretty much bass-ready, but we did find that the incorporation of the Dry/Wet Mix knob as well as the dual gain-stage split, will cater to the more surgical bass-players’ fine-tuning demands.

2. What about delay, tremolo and boost?

That’s easy! The Chill, Big Chill, Delay Llama, Delay Llama XTREME and Boomster pedals are all bass-ready out-of-the-box!

3. Can I order mine with custom artwork?

Of course! Our custom shop artists are ready to inspire and be inspired! Submit your requests for a quote here!

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