Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth)

  As someone who likes a simple pedal that does one thing great instead of a dozen things poorly, I love the Boomster. One knob and one knob only! This pedal works great to beef up my signal with a very clean and full-sounding boost. Lately I’m finding it especially effective with my acoustic guitars, but it’s equally great when I’m rocking electric and want more gain without adding a layer of fuzz. Boomster makes my sound loud and clear!”
“I’m not someone who has ever used or enjoyed a chorus pedal, but I was looking for something that simulated the sound of a Leslie rotary cabinet. The Waterfall fit the bill perfectly and gave me an approximation of that tremolo/rotary effect and more – a unique sounding effect unlike any other pedal I’ve heard! This pedal is great for lead guitar work, to add a far-out color to the sound. I’ve come to rely on it for use with my electric band but it’s also found it great in the studio for situations where I want something a bit out of the ordinary…  As with all of JAM’s pedals, the build quality is exceptional and the sound is great! “
“The Red Muck immediately joined my pedal board. It is a great new favorite!”
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