James Sedwards (Thurston Moore band)

“The Eureka has a unique voice all of its own and covers a lot of bases. With tones that can easily deliver super-heavy riffs, lead lines with searing mid-rich sizzle, flat out noise annihilation and the addition of enormous bass energy when required, this is a really versatile pedal! “

“The Delay Llama Supreme is excellent ! I used it on a recording within a day of receiving it. It has a sound that’s just like some of my favourite analog delays from the early to mid 1980s but with the bonus of more delay time, tap tempo, controllable oscillation and a really useable modulation that can take the effected sound into spacey territory at the click of a switch. A very versatile unit.” 

“I’ve been enjoying The Ripple a great deal. It’s got a really mellow phase tone that doesn’t overtake the sound of the guitar.” 

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