Duke Levine

“I love the Rattler! I can definitely see it being part of my usual pedalboard rig. Super easy to get a sound, instant satisfaction. It just sounds right, basically, wherever you set it.”

“I love the Delay Llama too. I’m a delay freak, and this one just has its own feel and sound that sits right to me. Also appreciate that the tone of my guitar doesn’t change with the effect on. I’m really picky about that aspect of effects, so often the tone gets thin, even with some analog pedals. So – thanks for that! And the soft switch is really nice, I play a lot of super quiet gigs and this is a really great feature.”

“I dig the Rattler LTD too. I can see using this, for me, on the lower gain side. That’s something I always need, and this one has a really nice, smooth thing, with a little more bottom than some, which is helpful for what I do.”

“The Waterfall is fantastic. I happen to love the Vibrato side. The chorus sounds great as well. Again, the guitar tone, especially on the V side is really intact and beauty!”

“I really dig the Chill, it sounds beautiful. “
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