Adrian Legg

“The Rattler+ works for me as a simple transparent preamp with a tone control, and a huskier voice if I dig my nails in.The Chill is a neat little pedal, a clear, quiet, old-fashioned sound with control over the overall level. JAM pedals did a good job !”

“The Dyna-ssor is excellent, I got rid of all my other 3080 compressors and I’ll tour with it ! Around 1980 many of us got into bucket brigade delays, little analog echo boxes. They were a lot less trouble than tape and disc echos. I loved them and the sound imprinted in my mind. Then digital arrived, and as we played with the magical bells and whistles, we slowly noticed that it didn’t always feel right. In 2010 I plugged into the bucket brigade Delay Llama and thirty years fell away. I’m home. It feels good. The Red Muck with minimum gain thickens like a fat humbucker pushing a small tube amp a little too hard, and the TubeDreamer72 is a shouting pedal.”

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