Analog Handmade Pedals


Handmade & Hand-painted in Greece, boutique 100% analog guitar & bass pedals, made from the highest quality through-hole components in the market, rare NOS chips, specially selected matched NOS transistors and carbon comp resistors

Most of our pedals are offered in optional point-to-point versions !

All of our pedals are true-bypass, so they don't affect your hard-earned tone.

We draw inspiration from classic 60's and 70's vintage pedals that helped built the sound of Rock 'n' Roll and constantly build and expand on them resulting to the unique JAM pedals tonal identity!

You will be hard-pressed to pick-up a JAM pedals effect that won’t inspire you to create music!

They burst with attitude as ALL of our stompboxes are hand-painted and decorated, from our in-shop-artists, and no two are alike !

Used & Approved by some of the GREATEST Players in the world ! eshop
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