We develop effect pedals that address a wide array of applications and styles, honoring those that came before us while claiming a spot in what is yet-to-come.

Each of our pedals is hand-made, hand-painted and meticulously inspected in Athens, Greece before it ships out to you.

We are committed to creating well tuned circuits that allow our designs to feature the minimum number of straight-forward and responsive controls and sound great no matter how you dial them in,

all the while embracing the perks technological advances bring to the user experience.

Our custom shop is one-of-a-kind in the industry, offering point-to-point wiring, NOS chips and transistors, limited runs, cross-genre and cross-medium artwork applications,

while also carrying out multi-pedal orders according to customer’s specifications.

We have been blessed enough to see our pedals appear on stage and in the studio as part of some of the best players’ in the world rigs,

all the while continuing to recognize and welcome the compelling craft of incoming artists.

It has now been more than 15 years since JAM pedals’ first steps, and we are stronger and more inspired than ever to take things to the next level.

Used & Approved by some of the GREATEST Players in the world !

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