News - March 21, 2010


Nels Cline is one of the most versatile, imaginative and original guitarists active today. Combining breathtaking technique with an informed musical intelligence, Cline displays a mastery of guitar expression that encompasses delicate lyricism, sonic abstractions, and skull-crunching flights of fancy, inspiring Jazz Times to call him, “The World’s Most Dangerous Guitarist.” Nels is currently the lead guitarist with the band Wilco, and performs with artists including: Scarnella, The Scott Amendola Band, the Jeff Gauthier Goatette, a duo with percussionist Glenn Kotche, a trio with Andrea Parkins and Tom Rainey, Banyan and The Nels Cline Singers. Nels plays currently with our TubeDreamer+, Rattler, RetroVibe and Delay Llama+ Quotes : “Though still just bubbling under the large wave of boutique effects pedals, JAM pedals’ work stands out ! I am particularly fond of The Rattler, as I have been on the prowl for toneful yet high-gain distortion. There are plenty of fuzzboxes out there these days (and JAM has some good ones, too) but few distortion boxes. The Rattler has that fat, creamy sound/sustain yet doesn’t have to be turned up all the way step out when full-on raging is required! For those analog delay hounds out there, I also have enjoyed the Delay Llama+. The people at JAM Pedals seem to be very seriously re-inventing and refining many “classic” effects pedal designs. I look forward to trying more of their boxes!” nels-jam nels-testing-2
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