News - August 6, 2020

Lending a Hand with Guitar Giants

One of the most severely-hit industries from Covid-19 related measures put in place worldwide, has undoubtedly been Music. With most concerts cancelled or postponed for at least 1 year, the income of countless music-industry professionals around the world has basically been swiped.

Most of us here at JAM pedals are active musicians and sound professionals, who are passionate about building pedals addressed to fellow-musicians every day, so witnessing the toll the C-19 pandemic is taking, has been profoundly troubling.

It was therefore common sense and a gut reaction to do our part to best ensure the people and infrastructure necessary to set-up, support, host and perform gigs, shows, festivals and concerts will still be able to do so, by raising money for charitable organizations providing monetary relief to music-industry professionals.

In trying to ensure maximum contribution we collaborated with 15 artists who have been actively using our pedals over the years and asked them to autograph 10 one-of pedals each for a total of 150 pedals which we auctioned off and managed to donate a total of $54.887  to Musicares, Jazz Coalition, Jazz Foundation, New Music USA, Crew Nation and Northern Greece Musician’s Union. These pedals all feature a unique finish completed in-house by our Custom Shop artists.  

We are deeply grateful to the auction winners, t-shirt buyers, participating artists and media sponsors (Andy Martin, EytschPi42, Guitar Player, HarryAndAGuitar, Pedalboards of Doom, Premier Guitar, That Pedal Show)  for making “Lending a Hand” a success!

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