News - July 1, 2018

EUREKA! | Everybody’s Fuzz pedal is here!

We proudly release the Eureka fuzz!

“Another Fuzz? Do we really need another fuzz?” you might ask.

Valid questions, but seeing as how many of us gear-heads and tone-seekers have a soft spot for all things Fuzz, we promised ourselves that if we come up with something special, we would go for it regardless!

And boy oh boy is this one a treat!

What we were after with the Eureka was to create the ultimate genre-crossing Fuzz, that would be easy to get amazing tones out of, regardless of how straight-forward, complex, expensive or cheap the rest of your rig is, how many other digital or analog pedals you will be playing it with and if you are into vintage tones, modern tones or just appreciate sound as a natural occurrence!

We hope you’ll like it as much as we do 🙂

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