News - November 4, 2012


We are happy to announce that the great Bill Frisell Has joined the family of JAM pedals artists ! We have been huge fans of Mr. Frisell and his music for ever and it fills us with pride to get the stamp of approval from this incredible artist and guitar player indeed! We had the great pleasure of hearing him play and meeting with him this past Saturday in Athens, our hometown. Mr. Frisell has been playing our Wahcko+ and Delay Llama for some time now and he is verry happy with them! He also got the Chill and the TubeDreamer58. What a great honor! Welcome Mr. Bill Frisell! Quotes : “I’ve been enjoying these pedals so much ! The Delay Llama+…great! So cool to actually have a “real” analog delay…where it does some more unexpected..out of control things….This is cool ! The Wahcko+ is fantastic! Now I finally have a great wah-wah pedal. I really like having that switch for being able to change the frequency range…very cool. All this stuff is great! thank you so much ! Bill”
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