News - August 24, 2020

Andy Martin | Ripply Fall demo!

“Jam pedals have taken their analog Waterfall chorus and 2-stage Ripple phaser and combined them into a wondrous multi-modulation box. Starting with a bucket brigade chorus pedal on the right, the Waterfall you speed and depth for warm, glistening chorus or warped vinyl and rotary effects when you flick the switch to Vibrato mode. Taking it to extremes, the depth of the chorus or vibrato can be increased via the +/- switch and the center footswitch triples the set speed for Leslie-like speed changes or expressive ray gun blasts at any moment. Speaking of expression, two inputs for the chorus circuit let you control the depth like you saw in the intro and the speed for maximum flexibility while you play. Then it’s off to the vibe-like phaser circuit which has a nice way of adding subtle coloration without traditional swish and piercing mids of other phasers. Of course, the real magic happens when you intertwine both effects and hear complex rhythms as each speed bounces off each other–manipulating your guitar’s tone and pitch simultaneously. “

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