News - August 11, 2020

Jannis’ Pedalboard Presentation

We just released the first in a series of videos featuring Jannis exploring and explaining his approach to creating music with effects, looking into his favorite builders and designs, favorite combinations of effects and his unique pedalboard setup!

1. The guitar goes into the multipedal’s input A.
The ROLAND CR-78 analog drum machine, ELECTRO-HARMONIX Random Tone Generator, Widara Distant Voices Theremin and hair-comb (w. KORG CM-200 contact mic),  go into a small 4-channel mixer the output of which feeds the multipedal’s input B.

2. Effects’ signal chain:

– JAM pedals Seagull
– JAM pedals Wahcko controlled by onboard pot + Expression pedal
– RAINGER FX Air Space Invader
– JAM pedals Dyna-ssoR
– JAM pedals Lucydreamer
– JAM pedals Tubedreamer
– JAM pedals Rattler
– JAM pedals Eureka
– JAM pedals Red Muck mk.2
– ZVEX fuzz factory
– DIGITECH HarmonyMan
– HILTON Volume Pedal Pro
– JAM pedals Boomster
– JAM pedals Chill
– VERMONA Lancet
– EVENTIDE PitchFactor
– ELECTRO-HARMONIX Bass Microsynth (with dry/wet pot)
– BOSS Slicer
– LOVETONE Ring Stinger
– MERIS Ottobit jr
– OTO Machines Biscuit
– ALESIS Bitrman
– JAM pedals Big Chill
– JAM pedals Retrovibe
– JAM pedals Ripply Fall
– ELECTRO-HARMONIX Super Ego with a JAM pedals Ripply Fall and a ZVEX Ring Tone in its FX loop
– JAM pedals Delay Llama
– JAM pedals Delay Llama XTREME
– STRYMON Timeline
– STRYMON Blue Sky
– BOSS LOOP STATION RC505 Left input and then from the left output into a ’65 Blackface Fender Bassman into 2×15″ Dual Showman cab

3. The DOEPFER Dark Energy analog-synth controlled with Studiologic’s MP-117 Midi Bass Pedal feeds into the right input of the BOSS LOOP STATION RC505 and from its right output goes into a Walter Woods Blue Light Electroacoustic bass amplifier.

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